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Use the form below to book a session with me directly. If you can't find a session that suits you, drop me a message, and we will find you a time that fits better! Or contact me (Phil Assheton) with any other questions you have.

Phone / SMS / WhatsApp: +44 (0)7525 056247

Book a Free Session

Book a 50 minute online session to chat through the statistics on your research project / thesis / dissertation. You can ask me anything you like and your first session is free with no obligation to book further sessions.

Why do you offer free sessions? What's the catch?

There genuinely is no catch! I've been doing this job as an employee for nearly decade, but I'm just starting out doing this privately. Offering free sessions gives me a chance to gauge the appetite out there for a private offering of this sort and to get myself known. You really, really don't need to feel obliged to take a further paid session after your free session; the only thing I would ask is, if you found it helpful, please tell your friends. Those people I have helped in the past have (almost!) always given me great feedback, so I'm confident I have a great service, but that isn't worth a thing if no one knows about it.

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